Operating Partners
Burke America is led by a small group of committed and experienced professionals with
backgrounds in operations, private equity, technology, strategy consulting, and finance.
Besides their professional qualifications and accomplishments, the Burke America team
embodies the values of the firm and the type of company founder Bob Burke set out to
create, such as hard work, the will to win, long term orientation, and a growth mindset.
In addition, Burke America’s investors include seasoned operating executives and
institutional partners who have built and run businesses from the ground up. They
contribute significant capital and experience to our growth and management. They have
built businesses in insurance, agriculture, land development, real estate, manufacturing,
distribution, and professional sports. They have a record of investing and supporting the
growth of middle-market enterprises across the U.S. But most important, our partners do
business the Burke America way— they get involved when needed, invest in people and
products, and take a long-term approach to value creation.
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