Karen Daniels
Karen grew up in Sioux City, Iowa and gravitated towards entrepreneurial activities very early
by starting a lawn mowing business as a fourteen year old. After running out of lawns to cut in Iowa,
Karen decided to attend the University of Notre Dame. In college, Karen was an avid multi-sport
athlete and leader in the Notre Dame Student International Business Council where she spearheaded
a national marketing campaign for the American Library Association. Armed with a business degree
and a desire to make something happen, Karen went to work for Citigroup in their sales and trading
division working with bonds and equity products. At Burke America, Karen focuses on company
specific analysis and market expansion strategies. Combining her past analytical experiences with
a bent towards finding greener pastures, she hunts for add-on acquisition opportunities. For fun,
Karen enjoys a good game of volleyball, soccer, basketball or alternatively being a spectator in
Notre Dame’s football stadium. However, as any good entrepreneur would say, it is always better to
play than watch from the stands.